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Travelogue: Trip to Bukit Panorama

It was super morning 4:00am.

Knock knock. “Bangun bangun..!”

“Aaaaa..?”.. “Bukit Panorama..cepat bangun..”

Yep! It was the day that we’ve been waiting for. To accomplish our early batch activity, "Mendaki Bukit Panorama”

The Warriors of Rx12 !!
At 4.45am, brother’s team moved to Mahallah Tabari to gather with the sister’s team. Despite the earliness of that moment, everyone looked so enthusiastically excited. For some of us, maybe it was the first time experience of hiking beramai2. Estimatedly,there were about 8 cars of us.


Around 5:00am, the amazing trip begun!!

It was very early , surrounded with the morning breeze..haaaaahh~~*take a deep breathe*

Surprisingly, we took only around 30minutes to arrive at our destination.

Guess the guest.

At the base of the Bukit Panorama, Fahim the Leader divided us into 4 teams.

Without delay, (plus don't want to miss the sunrise), one by one we started our hiking. We began our early steps with phoenixly burning spirit, invincible, rigid, firing!! Huaarrgghh!

"Yaayyy..We're hereee!!" (Ni muka belum start daki nih) the next following steps......slowly...some of us got tired...=_='

Those that can't proceed, took their short break several times.

Whilst, those with some more extra energy, continued the hiking strongly.

Fara encouraged Farah.

"Aku kuat en...geeeeeeeeee"

"Aku lgi kuat...Shhhhh"

We were not alone at the Bukit Panorama. There were groups of elderly, youngsters, happy Chinese Auntie (ke Korean? Ntah) and some foreigners.

Some might felt, "Mana nya puncak niii..??".

The higher we climbed, the harder the breathe, the larger the inhalation, the bigger the lubang hidung..!

"Penatnya.." "Weh, berhenti jap!" "Fuh fuh fuh" "Are you okay?" 

These are the words we spoke and we heard along the tiring hiking.

Suddenly, Subuh Azan....uh, better hurry, we don’t want to miss the sunrise.

It was slippery and very dark. Couldn’t see clearly without the torchlight.

I personally felt like I was in a Horror film somehow..XD

But no matter what, we kept on moving, until we heard, 

"Yaaayy! Puncaakk!"

"Mana mana?" *suluh2*


That moment when you arrived..

'Twas like, "See, I AM Neil Armstrong!" (but only without the Apollo)

"Panorama Hill? Done...Next?"

Estimatedly, it took us about 30minutes to reach the peak. Until most of us arrived at the tophill, we performed our Subuh Prayer in Jamaah, Imamed by Pa'an. Bersejadahkan tikar dan surat khabar...Silence....It was a very peaceful moment, ditemani bunyi2an hutan yg menenangkan. Awesome feeling. Peaceful.

After we finished with the prayer, we moved to another place, where they said, got a better view of the yet-to-rise sunrise. 

Indeed, there, we can get a better view of the sky. 


Aaaaaand the moment of photosnapping began, especially to those photo-addicts.
Selfie sana, selca sini.. Posing sana posing sini.. Buat muka kiut sana buat muka comel sini.. 
Eventho the sunrise yet to be seen, but the instagram was already filled with their faces. #BukitPanorama #Rx12 #hiking #selfie Lolz.

"M.U" kan korang kan~ (brothers' matter)

"Selca duluu~~"

Selca lagiii~~

While waiting, we had our short breakfast, handmaded by us. (Cheh, bread salut coklat ja pon). 


Not to forget, one of the most anticipated moment, we sung a Happy Birthday song for the birthday girl - Miza, and birthday boy - Sabrie (the cutest living person on earth)
[nmpk sgt aku writer post nih..xp]
Thank you guys!!

Muka-muka pelarian

After thousands of photos snapped, finally the Sun began to rise.

The anticipated moment. THE SUNRIISEEE !! 


It was so refreshing. Our faces were enlightened by the light of the Sun. We can feel the Vitamin D synthesised.

All the tiredness paid off immediately.

"Sesungguhnya dalam penciptaan langit dan bumi dan silih bergantinya malam dan siang terdapat tanda-tanda kebesaran Allah bagi orang-orang yang berfikir"
-surah ali-Imran, ayat 190-

Again, there goes the photosnapping, selfie, and of course the stupid poses. 

Our lovely princesses~

After tired of taking photos, we all agreed to go back.

Not to mahallah, but to our next pitStop, Hanin's Mak Ngah's house.

Makan timeeee!!

The house wasn’t really far from the Bukit Panorama.

Upon arrival, Makcik and Pakcik welcomed us happily. They were so nice.

Not to mention the food, it was finger-lickin-delicious.

Especially the Jelly Jagung one. Yummy~~

Geng Dapur
Geng melahap....omnomnomnom~
Geng pari-pari..wink wink
Geng para-para..(?)

Personally, my stomach was quite full when I was on the tophill of Bt Panorama.
But, when we were served with the food, it’s not the correct time to halt the eagerness of eating. Because it was free and sedap, so, makan puas2!!!
After we fully believed that all the required nutrients have been consumed, it’s the time for us to go back to mahallah.

Before that, bergambar dulu~~~

"Kami hebaaatt!!"

p/s : As we finished our amazing journey, I personally can feel a stronger bond among brothers and sisters. No longer a single bond, but a triple bond!

"Sesungguhnya orang mukmin itu bersaudara"
-surah al-Hujurat, ayat 10-

Photographer: Neena, Saberk, Paan
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